Opportunity for funding for a Graduate

GradStart offers Enterprise Ireland’s client companies financial support to hire top graduate talent and develop a talent pipeline.

Adding such graduates helps businesses develop new products and services, enhance processes and improve supply chain management.


Up to three Irish or international graduates can be hired at any one time for a two-year contract period by companies operating in any discipline or sector.

During the placement, the company must define a project aligned to its growth plan for each graduate to complete.

Graduates are also assigned an in-company mentor to support their development.


The objective of Grad Start is to assist indigenous companies to scale & grow their businesses through the introduction of good graduate talent to deliver clearly defined projects. 


This offer is also available to all LEO Clients

* LEOs are limited to 1 graduate on a 2-year contract at any one time and must have a minimum of 5 full time employees to qualify for support.


Key Benefits

Attract top graduate talent

Build company capability

Stimulate innovative thinking


Key points to note: - 

Graduates can be based in either Irish or overseas offices provided the graduate’s salary is paid by the Irish company.

Applications for GradStart can be made throughout the year.

Roles in any discipline are eligible for support, except for direct sales and direct marketing positions.


How to apply

Applications for Grad start can be made throughout the year. All Application and eligibility details are listed at www.gradhub.ie.

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