Join The Dublin Food Chain

Who is this for?

  • Dublin based food and drink producers and processors.
  • Food and drink retailers and distributors.
  • Foodservice, cafés, delis, restaurants and bars, keen to support and use locally-sourced Dublin food ingredients.
  • Food sector suppliers: ingredients, packaging, services, equipment...etc.
  • Anyone in the Dublin food sector who is passionate about supporting and developing local food and agri-business.

Why join?

  • Networking opportunities - free networking opportunities and events. Meet with, and learn from, others in your same area of business.
  • Training - free seminars and tailored training and business development events throughout County Dublin. We will keep you informed of locally-run training and information seminars that are relevant to your needs.
  • Directory - inclusion in the Dublin Food Chain business directory, our online Dublin food sector directory. The Dublin Food Finder directory will be communicated to key trade buyers, distributors, agents, and brokers, both at home in Ireland and abroad.
  • Sales - increased sales opportunities through exposure to potential new customers.
  • Group marketing - we will endeavour to take a collective approach to marketing which will save you time and money. Our group marketing activities will also broaden your exposure to potential new customers.
  • Regional branding - members are invited to participate in regional and national food events under the Dublin Food Chain brand.
  • Have a say - getting involved means you can help to shape the future development of your local Dublin food sector.

If you'd like more information, please contact one of our committee members. You can contact Dublin Food Chain at:

Dublin Food Chain

C/O James Burke & Associates

Unit 93 Newtown Way

Malahide Road Industrial Estate, Dublin 17

Tel: +353 (0)87 2371520 (James Burke)


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