Covid-19 and Business Supports

Like you all, we imagine it’s a job to keep on top of the latest business information. As information arises that is relevant we will show it here and post it on DFC social media. It is probable that you will find info ahead of us sometimes so feel free to share it too. Here are some of the useful links to food businesses we have found so far. We are conscious of lots of negative news, so do try and link us with positive news 

Key Sources of COVID – 19 Food Business Information

90% All of the information which you will need is contained within the key links below. All of these websites have a robust list of supports and advice. In particular can we draw your attention to the COVID-19 food business supports which Bord Bia have put in place including free webinars , daily podcasts and other supports.

Your Local Enterprise Office should be your first point of contact for business queries, and they will be able to signpost you to the most appropriate solution. Don't forget that your Local Enterprise 0ffice has a large team of mentors across various different disciplines who are there to help also.

Key links:

DFC team advice if you find yourself under pressure:

  • Some businesses are enjoying a huge surge in volume especially if your product category/service is in extra demand by customers e.g. health or sanitary products
  • Other businesses have had their revenue stream cut off, or diminished significantly. If you find yourself in this latter group, some of the following might help based on what other food stakeholders are telling us
  • Cut your outgoings today. Don’t wait. Thousands of people will be doing this so get your request in today
    • Talk to your landlord about a 13 week, or more, rent holiday with immediate effect
    • For any loan, mortgage etc. request the same 13 week, or more, holiday from the lender from today
    • Talk to your food ingredient suppliers to see if they can spread payments further than normal. If you are due to pay tomorrow, ask for 3 months to spread the payment
    • If you find you have no work for staff, sit with them, and explain the state supports available. Make sure you have the relevant forms or links to give them. You may be able to afford to pay leave due, but most food businesses are telling us this isn’t an option  

Covid19 Food Sector Innovation

There are dozens of sites which show producers who are selling directly to consumers. Here is a small sample of these. Have you got your message to all these influencers? In the midst of all te challenges opportunities are emerging also:  



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