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Overview of Report

1. Introduction

2. Research Objectives & Methodology

3. Macro themes

4. Food Lifestyles & Choices - How behaviour is changing - Who is driving it - Motivators

5. What’s on our plate?

6. The Alternative market

7. Key Challenges 8. Opportunities

Research Objectives

This research project was commissioned and designed to help understand the motivations affecting current food choices and diets, while also identifying the opportunities for the future. With the behaviours of consumers in relation to their diet evolving and changing at pace in many markets, it was important to understand the dynamics in the category at a total level and specifically the role played by protein and alternative proteins. The research sought to build upon previous research conducted on this subject in 2018 but was cognisant of the fact that there have been significant societal changes over this short period of time. The central aims of the research were to ✓ Develop a segmentation to highlight the different needs and behaviours when it comes to food consumption ✓ Provide a clear understanding of the motivations in adhering to specific dietary lifestyles ✓ Highlight any differences in perceptions of different proteins and diets ✓ Detail how well different diets are understood and how this understanding affects the category overall ✓ Allow the Irish food and drinks industry to grow and innovate through a more detailed understanding of the category

Research Methodology

The foundation for this project was a robust global quantitative study. This allowed for rigourous, in-depth analysis in each of the key markets of interest. We conducted N=2,000+ online interviews in 9 key markets (Ireland, UK, Germany, Sweden, US, Italy, France, The Netherlands and China). The final sample size achieved for this project was: N=18,591. Fieldwork was conducted in November 2020. Research is nationally representative of adults in each market. Secondary research was also conducted using the Bord Bia library.

Our Research Partners

For this Dietary Lifestyles study we partnered with Empathy, a strategic research consultancy with global expertise based in Ireland.

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