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Event Date:  10:00am, 14th July 2021


Ticket Price: €10


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Dublin Food Chain is delighted to start our series talks with International Transformational Brand Strategist and Creative Director Beth Taubner of Mercurylab, who will share her extensive cross sector knowledge to highlight steps which Dublin food stakeholders can apply to their own brand transformation, with real-world results.

Beth will connect the dots, from meaning to tactics, from all your visuals, packaging and graphic identity through to how you speak, write, use imagery and distill your message on every platform. She will discuss how to develop an authentic understanding of your values and how they dovetail with your customer's values, so that you and your products, services and online and physical experiences are in alignment at the deepest level.

Booking: Click here to book your place (Nominal €10 booking fee)

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Dublin Food Chain is a collaborative initiative of Local Enterprise Offices in the Dublin area. The Dublin Food Chain is part of an ongoing effort to harness the power of the 'collective', in order to ensure that Co. Dublin's unique food heritage benefits from the attention it deserves.

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