Event Date:  10:00am, 4th March 2021

Location:  Zoom,

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This energised Dublin Food Chain event will bring together a collection of leading experts in the food sector to give their views on the opportunities that will exist as 2021 unfolds. As well as hearing about the latest trends which will affect the food sector, there will be a panel discussion which will take inputs from leading visionaries from different parts of the food landscape.

2020 has been a challenging year for Dublin’s food sector. As we head into 2021, and with some glimmers of hope on the horizen for buisness recovery later in the year, this event will focus on future opportunities, and areas of interest which are most likely to yield results.

The event will be broken into two parts:

Part One Food Trends:  The opening session will focus on consumer trends for 2021 and beyond and the food  trends which are predicted to effect the food landscape in the medium term.  Participants will get an opportunity to reflect on new directions they should be considering, as well as getting inspiration from the subject matter.

Part Two Food Panel Discussion: We have assembled a group of experts from the food sector who each come from a different background.  The panel will include:

  • Margaret Hoctor, Farmer and Farmers Market Stallholder. Margaret is known for her ability to reinvent her food buisness during times of crisis and will share her vision for 2021 and beyond.
  • Colum O’Sullivan, Co Founder of Cully & Sully. The Cully & Sully brand is a leading Irish food brand and has never been short of creativity and innovation. Colum, who also has significant knowledge of European retail markets will explore the future, from a branded food perspective 
  • Stephen Flynn, Co Founder of The Happy Pear. The Flynn family are masters at seeing future opportunities many years ahead of their arrival. Stephen will challenge thinking and give his views on where to next in the food sector.


10.00 – 10.05   Welcome Oisin Geoghegan Head of Enterprise LEO Fingal
10.05 – 10.15   Context and Opening, James Burke DFC Network Manager
10.15 – 10.35   Future Food Trends
10.35 – 10.50   Panel Business Overviews (each panelist will introduce their business)
10.50 – 11.20   Panel Discussion on Creating a New Food Vision
11.20 – 11.30   Q&A

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Dublin Food Chain is a collaborative initiative of Local Enterprise Offices in the Dublin area. The Dublin Food Chain is part of an ongoing effort to harness the power of the 'collective', in order to ensure that Co. Dublin's unique food heritage benefits from the attention it deserves.

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