Producer Supports: Research Laboratories for Shelf Life Testing, Microbiological Analysis and Nutrition Analysis 

These are private laboratories and not endorsed by Dublin Food Chain. Prices will vary among providers. You may qualify for a grant towards the cost of testing from your Local Enterprise Office. Enterprise Ireland Innovation vouchers entitle you to free testing if you qualify for a voucher.


ENVA Ireland Ltd (Food Tech): This lab carries out microbiological testing, environmental testing, domestic water testing and flow and load surveys 

ALS Food and Pharmaceutical: Provider of food and drink testing services with 6 accredited labs 

CLS: Complete Laboratory Solutions. Food and beverage testing on products including meat, fish, salads, ready-to-eat dishes and beverages. They carry out microbiology testing, food chemistry and enviornmental testing 

Eurofins Ireland: Food and feed testing 

City Analysts Limited: Chemistry, microbiology, parasitology, sampling and water analysis  

Public Analyst's Laboratory Dublin: EU National Reference Laboratory for mycotoxins, PAHs and food contact materials in foodstuffs 

Public Health Laboratory Dublin: The Public Health Laboratory, which is accredited and is an EU official designated food testing laboratory 

Teagasc Food Research Centre: Carries out food safety testing, food bioscience, food chemistry, product development and sensory analysis  

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