About The Dublin Food Chain

Dublin Food Chain is a collaborative initiative of Local Enterprise Offices in the Dublin area, and supported by Bord Bia. The Dublin Food Chain is part of an ongoing effort to harness the power of the 'collective', in order to ensure that Co. Dublin's unique food heritage benefits from the attention it deserves.

Throughout the county, a diverse selection of crucial food training and food marketing initiatives are underway. Now, through the Dublin Food Chain brand, these programmes can enjoy better linkages and cross-promotion.

Whether, it is through training, networking or collective marketing, our key aim is to work together towards promoting and expanding our valuable food sector.

With the support of local consumers, trade buyers and food producers (combined with sponsorship and support from Bord Bia), we endeavour to continuously champion and encourage the flourishing Co. Dublin food sector.

Ultimately, the goal of the Dublin Food Chain is to help the county nurture its enviable status as an iconic food brand.


Our Background

The Dublin Food Chain network is dedicated to cooperation within the Dublin food sector, as a means of increasing members' profiles, and increasing sales opportunities, for food products from across Dublin County.

The launch of the network was the brainchild of the Local Enterprise Offices throughout Dublin, and supported by Bord Bia.

Today, we continue to warmly welcome new members from all areas of the local Dublin food production, supply, foodservice, retail and distribution sectors.

Our network offers free (to members) group training initiatives, food forums, sector networking events and group marketing initiatives; All designed to equip Dublin Food Chain members with the tools to achieve increased sales and brand recognition of their produce.

If you produce or sell local food or food ingredients in Dublin County, and are interested in maximising your sales, then talk to us today about joining the Dublin Food Chain.

If you are keen to develop your sales growth potential and achieve improved market reach, then the Dublin Food Chain is the ideal platform for your food sector business!

Who We Are

The Dublin Food Chain is a marketing and networking forum which represents many of the outstanding food and drink producers, retailers, foodservice operators and distributors that are based throughout Dublin City and County. 

The Dublin Food Chain is an initiative jointly supported by the four Dublin City and County Local Enterprise Offices, and Bord Bia.

Our Mission

The core aim of the Dublin Food Chain is to support a sustainable local food industry.

Aligned and integrated with the overall national strategy implemented by Bord Bia and other related agencies, we also aim to underpin the fundamental objectives set out in Ireland's 'Food Harvest 2020' strategy document.

Encouragement, education, networking and the promotion of sustainable regional food production, sales and consumption are key elements of our ongoing support activities.

Signposting existing local and national resources available to Dublin food producers, we are committed to significantly growing the commercial and public profile of the local Dublin food sector over the next decade. 

Our Goals

The goals of The Dublin Food Chain are to:

  • Promote food business networking and communication.
  • Provide networking opportunities for the Dublin food sector among producers and retailers, as well as the food service and hospitality sector.
  • Ensure a comprehensive support structure for SMEs,particularly those that don't have access to the internal resources normally present in larger businesses.
  • Solve any skills shortages or educational gaps that exist within the Dublin food sector.
  • Increase the consumer profile of Dublin food producers.
  • Grow local food sales.
  • Create new employment.
  • Create a strong regional Dublin food brand identity.
  • Build regional food exports.
  • Increase sustainable local SME food production.
  • Attract additional food tourism to the Dublin region.
  • Promote regional food products at home and abroad.
  • Increase regional food-tourism.
  • Increase food innovation and new product development.
  • Increase consumer awareness of locally-produced food.
  • Improve sales and consumption levels for local Dublin food.
  • Create an integrated approach involving local and national agencies in order to support Dublin's diverse food industry.
  • Widen the reach and scope of Dublin Food Tourism.
  • Optimise routes to market for producers and food entrepreneurs.
  • Promote consumer experiences with local food producers.
  • Promote the use of local Dublin food produce.