Producer Supports

On this page we will add and update relevant resources for Dublin food businesses, such as funding, training, industry guides, food safety information etc.


Bord Bia Foodservice Directory - Full contact details for all major Irish Foodservice operators

Bord Bia Vantage - Great information for early stage food businesses

Bord Bia Brand Forum -  Explore the Bord Bia brand forum and consider joining it 

Bord Bia Insight and Research - Check out the research publication section of the Bord Bia website and study the latest research in your area

FSAI Food Labelling Information - Good advice on how to label your product

Irish Food Festival Calendar - Resource to find food events and festivals

Innovation Vouchers - These are issued by Enterprise Ireland and are worth €5000. They can be used to get technical support for your food business to help with lab testings, product challenges etc. You must be registered as an Ltd company to qualify. Note: you will be liable for VAT on the services provided. 

Barcodes - Information on mandatory barcodes for your products

Linked Finance, Micro Finance, Crowd Cube - For alternative finance issues have a look at these 

UK Options - Look at UK options in your category on mysupermarket 

Some different packaging options available - Bunzl, JJ O'Toole , Dollard Packaging , Alpack, Celtic Sales , Brow Pack (Belfast) , Versatile Packaging , Lawco Packaging , Irish Papers , The Packaging Centre , BoxPak Belfast 


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